Technical Manager / Water sector

Descriptif :

The Technical Manager is responsible for designing, sourcing and installing the technical solution, with support of 1001f technical team. He / she will also be responsible for all of the technical activities in the water kiosks, ensuring appropriate technical maintenance and standards.

In order to carry out these responsibilities, the Technical Manager will have to travel frequently to the different areas where the project is operating.

He will be based in Magway and will report and work directly to the Project Manager.

Mission :

Mission 1. Water treatment solution design

  • Assess project feasibility by analyzing technology, required resources and demand
  • With the support of external professionals, design a suitable Reverse Osmose technology
  • With the support of external professionals, design solar energy supply
  • Develop technical guidelines for production and maintenance

Mission 2. Site set-up

  • Coordinate with suppliers the purchase of treatment systems and spare-parts
  • Provide technical direction during the execution of the project (from the site selection to site opening and site operations)
  • Consult local stakeholders to establish the site specifications
  • Coordinate station construction and ensure building specifications are followed
  • Coordinate water drilling activities, performed by external constructors
  • Install the water pumping system, according to the well capacity and demands
  • Install production equipment’s (unit treatment, energy supply, pre-treatment process…) according to the guidelines.

Mission 3. Technical assistance 

  • Train and coach project team to ensure technical maintenance and assistance to the local operators (Entrepreneurs)
  • Allocate engineering resources to sites (kiosks) appropriately
  • Check and control the maintenance of the equipment (by the Entrepreneur)
  • Provide assessment including failure analysis and technical solutions when technical problems occur.
  • Fix equipment according to technical maintenance processes
  • Improve processes and enhancements to maximize quality standards

Mission 4. Water Quality control

  • Test water quality with mobile laboratory
  • Ensure all kiosks have 100% compliance with WHO safe drinking water standards
  • Ensure water treatment, hygiene and sanitation standards are respected

Mission 5. Management

  • Manage a team of 1 technician and supervise external contractors (building, suppliers, laboratories etc.)
  • Organize regular practical training and evaluation of the technician, Entrepreneurs etc.
  • Provide Technical and Water Quality reports and audits (on monthly and annual basics) to the Project Manager

Profil du candidat

Formation :

Engineering degree with 5 years’ experience in technical / energy area – ideally with knowledge of Reverse Osmose water treatment technology.

Expérience :

  • Knowledge of pumping technology
  • Knowledge of the construction industry (E.g. understands design, drawings etc.)
  • Knowledge of electronic/electrical components
  • Knowledge of engineering drawings, specifications and materials
  • Software: Proficient with MS Office, knowledge of Technical design software (AutoCad, Sketchup etc.),

Langues :

  • English, Professional
  • French is a plus
  • Burmese is a plus

Qualités requises :

  • Good practical skills, problem solving
  • Attention to detail and high accuracy
  • Experience in working in inter-cultural environment is a plus
  • Good facilitation and liaison skills, especially with international people
  • Ability to impart knowledge and technical issues to people with and without technical skills.
  • Willing to travel and work in remote locations within local communities

Autres :

  • Autonomous
  • Be proactive and flexible ‘can do’ person
  • Be respectful and transparent in dealing with others
  • Be receptive to new ideas and innovations
  • Ability to implement technical and water production aspects on-site at the kiosks


  • 1 year VSI contract renewable
  • 1300$ per month + Accomodation + Visa
  • Insurance and pension contribution package (CFE, health care, repatriation and accident insurance, pension contribution in the French system)
  • One plane ticket round trip home  – home every 12 months

Conditions :

Pour postuler :

Send your CV and cover letter to Amandine CHASSINAND :

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