Global Fundraising & Communication Manager

Descriptif :

Since 2019, PN has been reflecting on its context, model and impact to strongly improve its relevance, sustainability and visibility.
Indeed, the world of work undergoes tremendous changes at an always quicker pace. Changes are mainly due to the fast progressing digitalization of economies affecting the entire global workforce, especially disadvantaged young people and populations, most especially  (young) women. They are at great risk of professional displacement and unemployment as jobs of the future will likely look very different and new skills to work and to stay relevant will be needed.
As a consequence, PN underwent  an in-depth transformation in order to review the organization, develop solutions, expand reach, enhance operational capacity, improve  financial sustainability and become an innovative player for inclusive technology in a digitalized economy.
Also, to serve these objectives, PN has been transitioning progressively since 2020 and has been trying  to enhance its operational approach and improve operational practices.
In 2021, PN  went through an organizational change management process leading to a new mode of governance and new structure. It aims to empower the staff and centers with a vision of granting more autonomy to each country of operation to achieve organizational sustainability in the long run. In this context, PN has been adapting to the current organizational structure to successfully continue its transformation and development to achieve its social mission in a sustainable way.
To further support PN’s new governance, the organization identified and created new roles on a global level to strengthen support in every center. PN came up with a decision to merge the Communication and Fundraising departments with objectives of improving efficiency and coordination between these two teams and strengthening support both for the global and local teams.
Hence, the Global Fundraising and Communications Manager post was created to spearhead this ambition.

Mission :

Reporting to the Board, the Global Fundraising and Communications Manager, in collaboration with the Global Fundraising & Communications  teams composed by 1 BtoC Manager and 2 BtoB Managers (Asean and EMEA areas), will have  2 major objectives :
* Drive partnerships and fundraising initiatives to enable PN’s new ambition of continued innovation, growth, and increased financial sustainability.
* Develop, design, and implement a strategic and effective communications plan aligning with fundraising strategy for the organization, directly managing communications activities that promote and enhance PN’s internal and external communication drive.

In details, his/her responsibilities will cover:
1- Vision, coordination, and leadership
* In collaboration with the  Fundraising and communication teams, build  the global  fundraising and communications strategy with the objective of improving PN’s sustainability.
* Ensure that PN’s Communication and fundraising strategy is developed and implemented in globally and locally relevant approaches.
* Ensure a global coordination of Fundraising and communications for all PN (tools, processes, reporting…).
* Provide leadership both on fundraising and communications activities to ensure organizational and external partners’ needs are met and annual goals are achieved.
* Set and ensure budgetary and visionary goals are met
* Represent the Fundraising and Communications teams to the Board of Directors and Committee of Directors for management level meetings and decision making.
* Manage reporting and statistics for all fundraising and communication efforts, delivering regular reports to the Board and consistently looking for opportunities to improve and optimize.

2 – Management / Capacity Building
* Directly supervise the 3 top managers of and Fundraising and Communication.
* Coach, provide capacity building support, and evaluate performances of the 3 top managers in the execution of strategies and achievement of expected outcomes.

3 – Fundraising
* In collaboration and in support of the BtoC Manager and the 2 BtoB Managers, actively engage, cultivate, and manage external relationships and partnerships (individuals, corporate, and government partners).
* Develop new and potentially lucrative revenue streams compatible with PN’s mission, vision and programs for expansion of the organization’s fundraising efforts.
* Develop, execute and monitor every team’s action plans to enhance cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors.
* Be responsible for building on PN’s current and previous support bases. Be responsible for restructuring and coordinating PN’s partners/donors information.
In collaboration with the BtoC Manager, develop and implement an integrated BtoC marketing action plan that includes SEM, direct marketing campaign, digital fundraising,etc….

4 – Communication and Public Relations
* Serve as the lead strategist for PN’s development and communication plans, defining goals, tracking progress, and ensuring accountability.
* Launch and manage communication projects to improve  PN’s branding and visibility in link with PN’s new mission (new identity, new website…).
* In collaboration with the BtoC and Communication Manager, be responsible for PN’s varied and integrated communications products and services including newsletters and other print publications, website, social media…
* Provide expertise and reporting in all areas of communication (internal and external) , and in collaboration with the management and the entire fundraising and communications teams.

Public Relations:
* Contribute to news releases, media Q&As, speeches, media responses
* Handle crisis communications on an as-needed basis. including media inquiries, messaging, etc.
* Serve as a spokesperson and lead point person on all media interactions and major external events.


Profil du candidat

Formation :

You have at least 10 years of experience in fundraising or marketing or business development with good communications skills.

Expérience :

You have demonstrated Experience in one or several following field(s):
* Fundraising (CSR, partnerships and direct fundraising).
* Communications (strategy, digital communication, media..)
* Team management

If possible, you have a good awareness of south asian and/or African NGOs network and donors, and maybe past experience in the NGO sector in SEA and/or Africa, and past experience in the education sector.

Langues :

 Excellent written and oral communication skills both in English and French

Qualités requises :

* You are recognized for your managerial skills and you enjoy passing on your skills to others.
* You are recognized for your ability to convince and develop strategic partnership opportunities.
* Tenacious and persevering∙e, you master negotiation techniques and maintenance techniques.
* Hands-on and results-oriented, you are recognized for your quality of listening, responsiveness and creativity.
* Endowed with excellent interpersonal skills, you are a force of persuasion.
* You are recognized for your relational excellence, and for your ability to team up, to work in a complex and multidisciplinary ecosystem.
* You have the ability to collaborate with more than 6 different nationalities and on 3 different continents.

Autres :

Conditions :

Pour postuler :

VSI (full time).
Based in Asia (Cambodia preferably) or Madagascar.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter in English to, stating “Global COM & FDR ”.


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