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The project aims to improve mental health of people with disability & their parents & minimize inequality between disabled & non-disabled people to achieve social cohesion & inclusiveness in society via Football & achieve 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development – to leave no one behind. Due to pandemic,Children/Youth with disabilities(CYWD) were among most disadvantaged, faced discrimination, reduced access to sports & became susceptible to diseases. Physical activity is one of the main factors contributing to a healthy life & the disabled should be offered equal opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately the fact remains that even disabled children & youth are unable to equally participate in sports and other developmental activities, as those activities are not made fit to their needs. The disabled are therefore at a disadvantage & left-out from the very early ages & those negative patterns & physical inactivity continue in other periods of their lives. We will enable 125 CYWD & 125 without disability & their parents in Jalandhar for 8-16 yrs including 50% girls & implement Football for Development (F4D) & Football For Fundamentals (F4F) approach. All the activities would take place at our Center for Special Children in Rurka Kalan that also came to a standstill during pandemic and left parents traumatized as all progress achieved were stalled. F4D is designed for physical disabilities to give them positive experiences ending with a reflection exercise drawing attention to the social message woven into the session. These activity-based age appropriate sessions form part of a scientific & evidence-based curriculum that is designed with inputs from various stakeholders at the grassroots level. The repeated exposure to development messages is the bedrock of behaviour change programs. F4AS sessions are for children that have various disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disability, mental retardation & Down’s Syndrome. The session will be implemented via special educators at Centre For Special Children, Rurka Kalan, A unique facility made for 50 children where colorful training equipment, all supporting accessories are utilised to improve children’s cognitive skills and channelise their energy.

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