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The project Play2Include is based on the importance of skills development through sport with the general aim to use football as a tool for social cohesion, good health and mental well being. The project focuses on Football Play as a toll for improving the conditions under which young marginalized people and refugees participate in social life, improving their skills, opportunities and dignity. The main objectives of the project is to Increase participation in football and sport activities which promote skills development for better health, well being and social cohesion of marginalized youth and refugees by a purposeful combination of education thorough football, local football actions and football events. The Play2Include initiative will aim to create sustainable sport programs and events which will promote play and football as tools for cohesion and well being. The project will involve three Western Balkan countries: N. Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and will contribute to skills development in youth. The initiative will include three important aspects and those are: Networking of organizations and clubs, Capacity Building of trainers and instructors and Dissemination and Promotion of accumulated knowledge and expertise. The initiative will lay the grounds for the development of professional capacities of educators working in sport for development with young and disadvantaged individuals, through the design of region specific sport for development methodologies.

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