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Play Right Project (PRP)

The goal of the project is to promote the rights of 1,558 refugees and host children and young people aged 6-23 years in the slums of Makindye and Nakawa Divisions, Kampala. Using modified football games, coaches and community sensitization, the project aims to have an influence on the health and psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people (51% girls and 6% children with disabilities). Football is the most played game in Uganda and unites both young and old. It is the ideal tool to limit violence in refugee hosting communities as differences in culture and backgrounds are easily resolved on the pitch. This energy is then carried to the homes and communities experience peace, inclusion and cohesion. Using structured football games, participants will be supported to improve their skills to manage their psychosocial well-being and children’s rights issues affecting them. It aims at engaging community and other stakeholders to address barriers to education, child protection, conflict management, gender equality, the well-being of children, disability and inclusion, as well as positive child and youth development. The project will train 30 community coaches and 60 teachers as they are these interact directly with in and out of school children. It will also rehabilitate and provide gender inclusive and safe football grounds with long-term use, such as sports grounds and equipment, and create awareness campaigns for 3,116 parents and caregivers and 30 local leaders. It will create areas of learning for children and young people and improve their prospects through initial and continuing training.

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