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Play football, be informed, stay healthy

Founded in 2009, Angaza Sports and Development Center (ASDC) is an NGO that promotes community and youth development in the counties of Nairobi and Kiambu in Kenya. The organization works to promote several Sustainable Development Goals through football practice. With the motto « Play football, be informed, stay healthy », the ASDC project’s main objective is to educate and raise awareness among more than 5,500 adolescents through football practice and various educational play based movement games. Teenage pregnancies remain the main cause of death among girls aged 15 to 19 around the world (source: WHO) and are still on the rise in Kenya. According to the latest Kenyan population and health surveys, almost 2 in 10 girls aged 15 to 19 are pregnant or have already had a child. Between January and May 2020, 151,433 pregnancies were recorded nationwide, approximately 11% of them in the counties of Nairobi and Kiambu. Depriving young girls of the opportunity to continue their studies and achieve their personal and professional ambitions, teenage pregnancies represent a major obstacle to socio-economic development. ASDC is mobilizing various stakeholders (parents, teachers, and government and community leaders) in an effort to reduce this trend through a specific program focused on raising awareness by means of participation in football and play based educational games. Project goals Provide sexual and reproductive health education and reduce the number of early marriages and pregnancies Make young people aware of the dangers and risks of the consumption of psychoactive substances Support local organizations working for the respect and protection of children’s rights Engage girls in open discussions about health, including sexual and reproductive health and the risks of HIV / AIDS infection and other sexually transmitted diseases (STI) Improve the physical, economic, mental and emotional health and well-being of youth and the community Project activities Weekly training sessions combining football and education Awareness sessions on the dangers and risks of consuming illicit products Promotion of the practice of a sporting activity for mental health and social integration Sensitization sessions on sexual and reproductive health, child protection and menstrual hygiene management Montly forums to discuss sexual and reproductive health, mental health and menstrual hygiene management Impact 7180 young people participating in weekly football and life skills sessions 35% reduction in the number of teenage pregnancies 38% reduction in the use of psychoactive substances among young people in target slums Mental health awareness sessions for 30% of the community population in target areas Assistance to young girls for accelerated emancipation and empowerment through the practice of sport Distribution of reusable sanitary napkins to 2500 girls

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