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Bridge the Gap, Sports for All- Promoting Disability Inclusion in Physical Activity

The overall goal of this pilot project is to provide access to sport and social-therapy to 89 children with intellectual disability so that they reach their sporting potential and well-being through the delivery of integrated sport and physical activity interventions. The project will involve 72 peers’ children without disabilities from another school in order to make connection and encourage social interaction among children. The project targets selected children between the ages of 6-17 years old in 2 primary schools of Kijitonyama Ward in the Kinondoni District of Dar Es Salaam Region. As a supporting team to the project project 14 teachers from partner schools and 5 university student volunteers will be equipped to improving their knowledge and skills on inclusion of children with special needs in sports activities. While children with disabilities are at the heart of this project, their parents and ward authorities will also involved in order to achieve a wider community outreach. This project emphasizes on inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities while intends to change the attitudes and behaviour of peer children, parents and communities in relation to discrimination that children and youth with disabilities face, it also focus to achieve the sustainable development goals as well as the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

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