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All Girls United

Founded by 3x Olympian, Tracy Evans, Kids Play Rwanda’s (KPR) methodology is based on the ‘Fair Play’ spirit of the Olympic Movement. Since 2012, KPR has provided transformative evidence-based gender equity through sport programming in the rural community of Gatagara, Rwanda; reaching 200+ KPR youth, 16 coaches/staff and over 1,400 adult and youth community members annually. Knowing behavior change is a long-term process, KPR staff and our volunteer coaches, who are also teachers from our partner schools, are committed to working deeply within Gatagara over an extended time period to catalyze sustainable change towards gender equality. Building from our mixed gender flagship Let’s Play Fair (LPF) program for youth ages 7-18, the funding for this project will allow us to deepen our single-gender programs and expand the reach of our community-based programs. We will deliver this through the following sport-based education programs: All Girls United (AGU) monthly sessions and three (3-day) annual camps will help to improve self-confidence, leadership skills and educational/career outcomes of KPR girls ages 13-18. Our Supportive Boys Initiative (SBI) (6 sessions per year) will help develop the skills of KPR boys ages 13-18 to become supportive male gender equity advocates who can promote inclusion in sport and in their homes, schools and communities. Our weekly Play Fair Community Days (PFCD) act as the bridge for our KPR youth to become vocal activists by sharing our intentional sport-based learning LPF activities with our wider community. KPR girls and boys will work together to help plan and execute our annual Olympic Day community-wide events, giving them an opportunity to lead, advocate and educate community youth and adults around sport, our Play Fair life skills, and the Olympic Day pillars and values. Ongoing Coach Capacity Training, Professional Development and Monitoring and Evaluation will help educate, train, support and guide the sport-based education activities as well as track progress and impact against our projected outcomes.

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