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The corona virus pandemic is lingering and appears to have worsened several other health problems all over the world. In Ghana the Ghana Health Service has shown that the pandemic resulted in an increase in noncommunicable diseases as a result of a reduction in physical activity, increase in alcohol intake and other unhealthy lifestyles. Again, it has been shown that the pandemic has worsened mental health problems, and that children and young people have been severely affected. For instance, in Cape Coast last month (October) there were reports about a 12-year-old boy who jumped from a storey building to the ground and died, in attempt to escape beating from the father. Children and young people therefore seem in dire need for positive attitudes, coping skills, resilience and safeguarding. By implementing this project, Play Soccer Ghana aims at contributing to achieving Goals 3 (Good health and wellbeing), 5 (Gender equality), 6 (Clean water and sanitation) and 10 (Reduced inequality) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. Specific objectives of the project include improved physical activity and life skills among 300 children in 8 communities over a period of 18 months, reuse of 900 kg of waste water sachets in 6 communities into 140 goal nets within 18 months, improved positive attitudes of safeguarding among 50 parents and 25 young people in 1 community within 18 months, and participation of 145 women, young people, and disabled groups in decision making within 2 communities in 18 months. Through the project children and young people will learn lessons such as positive attitudes including resilience, fortitude, personal hygiene particularly handwashing, stress management, physical activity, child safeguarding, etcetera that are invaluable in dealing with the challenges of youth and the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic in Ghana. The project targets strategic locations in 7 satellite communities within Cape Coast, Tamale, Ashaiman, and Tema over the 18 months duration, will reach about 5,000 people including about 700 children and young people aged 5-24 years. The project will employ four main strategies which are consistent with the strategies of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ghana Education Service, and the Ghana Health Service. The strategies are: Learning through play (Play for Fun, Learn for Life sessions, Football 3) Inclusion in sports (women and the disabled) Reuse of plastics (Knitting of goal nets from water sachets) Partnership / collaboration for sustainability The project has a total budget of GH ¢ 375,250.20 (€ 60,524.23), out of which Sport & DĂ©veloppement – La Guilde will provide GH ¢ 247,991.80 (€ 39,998.68) ie 66.09% and Play Soccer Ghana will provide GH ¢ 127,258.40 (€ 20,525.55) ie 33.91%. (Exchange rate used: € 1 = 6.20 GH ¢ ).

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