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Since 2010, GERES has supported vegetables sector in Mongolia, relying on affordable and locally adapted production and preservation technologies. Beyond the earlier GERES implements nowadays also a comprehensive program based on organic and farm-to-fork approaches which scope the whole vegetables value chain and it’s enabling environment in Arkhangai and in Khentii. GERES is leading the global CEMAATERR[1] Program (4 countries in total), the Mongolian component started in Arkhangai province on spring 2017, aims at raising awareness and providing support to local actors taking into account climate changes and their effects when establishing their local development plans.


In terms of energy efficiency (EE) in housing to address climate and pollution challenges faced by Ulaanbaatar peripheral districts population, GERES is starting the implementation of EU Switch Asia II-funded project, the “Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production Strengthening” project, in partnership with four implementing parties. This project has started in January 2018, for 4 years and with a total budget around 2.3 million euros.

By limiting fossil fuel consumption through improving the energy efficiency of low-cost individual houses in the Ger areas of UB, the project will complement existing projects aimed at reducing air pollution in the city, thus contributing to the reduction of respiratory infections, limiting the burden posed to Household by excessive fuel consumption and mitigating climate change. A market-based approach will strengthen local private sector. Based on a conservative improved EE of 20%, it is estimated that over the course of the action, 1.000 EE houses will be built or retrofitted, saving 1.600 mT of coal and avoiding the emission of 6.000 TeqCO², generating 5 M € turnover for MSMEs. After 10 years, the project at scale could see 50.000 EE houses built of retrofitted, 140.000mT of coal saved and 500.000 TeqCO² emission reductions

[1] CEMAATERR: Climate – Energy: Measure of Adaptation and Mitigation on Rural Territories


Mission :

Mission and objectives

Finance Coordinator will be in charge of the activities of management and supervision of the work of Finance Officers, build business cases to access financing for Households and MSMEs, and liaise  with financing agents.

Under supervision of the Country Director/SWITCH EU Project Manager, in coordination with project partners, experts and with the support of GERES SWITCH EU Finance Officers, SWITCH EU Finance Coordinator will be responsible the following activities:

►      Economic and Finance base line

►      Mapping of Finance products and subsidies

►      Coordination of the Design the Finance intermediation services

►      Conducted and dissemination of business cases for retrofit and sustainable buildings

►      Supervise the provision of Finance intermediation services for target groups to access relevant credits or subsidies

►      Monitoring of the project’s results indicators


SWITCH EU Finance Coordinator will contribute the following activities:

►      Technical solutions for retrofit/new buildings meet economic feasibility of target groups

►      Coordination support Building business cases for MSMEs to be supported

►      Support Technical, marketing and management training of selected MSMEs

  • Support Community engagement for solution selection
  • Support energy efficient solutions and practices disseminations
  • Support Feasibility study to access Climate Finance (GCF, CF, GEF…) for project scale-up
  • Support Development and dissemination of a comprehensive package of tools for replication and scale-up
  • Support Mid-term Review and Final Evaluation

Profil du candidat

Formation :

Education & Training ·         Master’s degree in Management and business administration or Finance

·         Specialization in microfinance is an asset

Expérience :

       Experience ·         At least 1 year in the private sector developing business and Finance products

·         Knowledge and experience in the Finance sector is asset

·         Experience of research and development business cases and related good practice

·         Experience on management a team

·         Experience in microfinance is an asset

·         Experience in Green Building or Energy Efficiency related markets is an asset

·         Appreciated: experience in the development sector or working with vulnerable population

Langues :

  • Professional English, with excellent writing qualities

Qualités requises :

Qualities ·         Committed to GERES’ values and mission.

·         Committed to ongoing learning

·         Responsible and willing to engage in discussion, open and communicative

·         Dynamic and results oriented, able to prioritize

·         Patient, resilient and stress resistant

·         Polite and respectful of others, shows integrity and honesty

·         Flexible, willing to adapt and take on new ideas

·         Social and outgoing, collaborative in approach

·        Able to lead a team as well as work individually

Autres :

Skills ·         Diplomatic and teaching aptitudes

·         Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to establish contact with people from different background and cultures

·         Communication and persuasion skills, capacity to dialogue and collaborate with different stakeholders

·         Field work disposition, knowledge of UB Gers areas living conditions

·         Precision in work, follow-up and report writing;

·         Organization and attention to detail especially meeting deadlines

·         Professional English, with excellent writing qualities

·         Proficient in working with Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

·         Driving licence-B type, experience of off road driving an advantage

Conditions :

Pour postuler :

Duration ·         12 months, renewable
Duty station ·         Ulaanbaatar with regular field trips to Gers areas
Volunteer allowance ·         850 Euros
Expatriation allowance ·         300 euros
Annual leave ·         26 days annual paid leave
Other benefits ·         Annual round-trip ticket (beginning and end of mission) + 1 round trip ticket for personal use

·         Retirement insurance

·         Repatriation insurance

·         Health insurance


These conditions only applies for International volunteer status.


To apply

To apply, register your candidacy (CV + LM) on the following web page:

Or go directly on our website, within page About us / Recruitment

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