Students center director – Enfants d’Asie

Descriptif :

Borey Niseth, one of our shelter based in Phnom Penh, is an opportunity for students over 18 years old to continue their studies in vocational training or university. 150 teenagers are living there: 75 students supported by Enfants d’Asie and 75 students by Passerelles Numériques. The center provides them with:

  • educational and pedagogical support to strengthen their academic knowledge and working habits as well as their personal development.
  • medical and emotional support provided by a dedicated and benevolent team;
  • management of their schooling through the purchase of school supplies and payment of school fees;

Since 2018, Enfants d’Asie reinforces its support to the students to improve their employability on the job market. They opened in Borey Niseth a training center for both the students who are living in the center and those who are community based in Phnom Penh.

Through the ‘Get Ready” vocational training program, all the students benefit from English, IT and Soft skills courses, and an individual follow-up by the career guidance counsellor.

Under the direction of the Program Manager and in collaboration with the Cambodian team of Enfants d’Asie, the Director of Borey Niseth manages the team in order to give to the children the opportunity to grow and flourish in a structured environment and, as such, become responsible and independent adults. He/she promotes the development of each student in his/her personal life and in his/her education.

He/she is in charge of the management of a team of 4 employees (director assistant, social worker, guard…) and of the implementation and coordination of support for students to ensure the safety and appropriate living conditions for the students living in the center. He is also in charge of the development of the training center and the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Mission :

Development and monitoring of the project

  • Develop the project of the center, including the training center, in accordance with the strategic orientations defined by the Board of Directors of Enfants d’Asie and the country director
  • Ensure a regular reporting of the project using M&E tools and be able to adjust the activities according to the results
  • Operational management of children activities: timetable, classrooms, class materials and supplies, etc.


Finance and accounting:

  • Manage and oversee the budget and accounts and ensure that the center remains profitable.
  • Send the reporting of expenses and incomes in accordance with finance regulation
  • Elaborate reporting for the donors


Student support:

  • Ensure the provision of students’ basics needs (furniture for sleeping, washing, school)
  • Oversee the social and the school follow-up for internal students
  • Manage the training center for internal and external students
  • Oversee recreational activities inside and outside the center
  • Monitor, evaluate and adapt the global support of the project regarding the tools created
  • Ensure and be responsible for the safety of the center and for the healthy lifestyle of the children
  • Implement a strict, fair and consistent discipline and make appropriate decisions;



Human resources:

  • Recruit all staff needed
  • Lead the team and coordinate collaboration amongst them and with the children
  • Organise training for workers in order to improve their skills and the children support
  • Manage and support teaching staff and promote their professional development
  • Ensure the coordination within the team and with other staff of Enfants d’Asie outside the center


Administration and logistics:

  • Implement the administrative process of EA
  • Manage and control the furniture and material ressources
  • Evaluate needs of rehabilitation and maintenance for the center and ensure the follow-up



  • Organise visits for every partners, sponsors or authorities in the center, as requested by the central office
  • Develop partnerships with organizations / structures that can provide support, expertise, resources for Enfants d’Asie educational mission: health care, training for students…
  • Write and send articles about children and teenagers, partners, activities, programs
  • Represent Enfants d’Asie and his/her center in different meetings or events
  • Seek for new donors

Profil du candidat

Formation :

BA or MA in development or similar field

Expérience :

3 years of experience in child protection, social work or education

3 years of experience in managing a team and a project

Langues :

Excellent knowledge in English and French is mandatory and knowledge in khmer is an asset

Qualités requises :

Able to work well under pressure

Able to federate and animate a group

Able to work in an international team

Smooth communication and reporting skills are essential

High sense of integrity and honesty

Autonomous, creative, open, and critical

Strongly motivated to work for disadvantaged students

Available to work on weekends

Strong knowledge of Cambodian culture and working in a multicultural environment

Autres :

Conditions :

Pour postuler :

Based in Phnom Penh

Salary based on experience

Health insurance and mobile credit taken in charge

Please send your CV and cover letter until the 31th of December 2019 at the latest, to:

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