Sponsorship Officer to Manille

Descriptif :


Sponsorship concerns all VIRLANIE Homes and children. To date, on October 2014, there are 827 sponsorship contracts. Sponsors are paying for the clothes, food, scholar set and Home needs.

The relationship between the sponsor and the children is very important and the sponsorship team must be strict about delay to send letters and give children information to the sponsor. Four mails are sent each year: Christmas, Pascal, July (for the beginning of scholar year in June) and the annual newsletter in September. This letters are written by the children in order to explain to the sponsor the environment they are living in, the school progress, and the activities they participate to.

The objective of the sponsorship program is to find sponsors to give the opportunity to the children to access to education, activities…

According to the strategic planning for the next 3 years, VIRLANIE would like to :

– Increase the proportion of sponsors from the Philippines and the US while also looking for sponsors in France, Belgium and Switzerland,

– Communicate on our financial stability and transparency for the sponsors to be clearly aware of how their donation is used.

– Create a close and familiar relationship between the sponsors and their sponsored children by enhancing the communication between them.


Mission :

The volunteer must be a strong link between VIRLANIE and the different sponsors in order to facilitate a confident relationship. He is also a strong link between the socials workers and the sponsors.

Sponsorship activities:

  • Identification of Children / Beneficiaries and ensure the update of the listings of children with or without sponsors and the monitoring of the movement of children in the Foundation.
  • Follow-up the requests from our partners and monitoring the incoming and outgoing sponsor correspondence.
  • Responsible for giving guidance and controlling quality of all information collected from new Children before dispatching to individual sponsors or VIRLANIE branches in Europe.
  • Select and refine tools for sponsorship materials and documents.
  • Translation of cards for the French speaking sponsors.

Sponsorship filing & data management:

  • Set-up sponsorship database and ensure the accurate and timely entering data of sponsors with assigned sponsored child.
  • Support in setting up and maintaining a filing system for Case Summary data, printed reports, photos and others needed for sponsorship.
  • Assist in preparing and ensuring the timely and quality submission of information, translated documents such as cards and annual progress reports to Official sponsors.
  • Communicate update information to VIRLANIE France and its networks.
  • Maintain and organize files related to sponsorship.


  • Coordinate with the Finance, Operations Managers, and local sponsorship coordinator in the preparation of the sponsorship monthly remittances.

Profil du candidat

Formation :



University degree on social science, economic or development studies are desired

Expérience :

Work Experience:

Experience and knowledge of child-sponsorship and fundraising function are desired

Competencies required:

  • Competency in data base software is required
  • Writing skills in English and French are required for report, proposal and correspondence
  • Good interpersonal skills and commitment to work with deadline
  • Strictness to respect deadline
  • Positive attitude towards learning and sharing
  • Excellent teamwork member
  • Sensitivity to street children issues and commitment to poor and disadvantaged people

Langues :

français, anglais

Qualités requises :


  • Positive attitude towards learning and sharing
  • Excellent teamwork member


Autres :

Sensitivity to street children issues and commitment to poor and disadvantaged people

Conditions :

Pour postuler :

Work conditions

Category: Volunteer (VSI)

Duration: minimum 1 year

Allowance: Yes (11,500 pesos) = 244 Euros au 29 juillet 2016

Insurance: Yes

Food fees: Yes

Transportation fees: refund the special ones

Living condition: One month immersion in one of Virlanie’s Residential Home and accommodation provided in a Volunteer House for the rest of the stay.

Number of hours per week: Full Time (40h)

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