Renewable Energy Technical Coordinator

Descriptif :

blueEnergy is an international nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of poverty to create a world of sustainable living and opportunity for all. The organization does this by creating opportunities for sustainable development in severely marginalized communities and by developing leaders working internationally for a more equitable, sustainable world.

blueEnergy creates impact in Nicaragua, both locally and nationally, as well as internationally. At the local level, blueEnergy delivers renewable energy, clean water, and other key services to marginalized communities on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast utilizing a holistic approach to community development and capacity building. At the national level, blueEnergy is facilitating and strengthening a network of renewable energy service providers to expand access to sustainable energy across Nicaragua.  At the international level, blueEnergy is playing a lead role in the creation of a network of organizations working with locally produced, small wind turbines for rural electrification.

blueEnergy’s project headquarters are located in Bluefields, Nicaragua. There, the organization recruits a diverse, multi-cultural team of international volunteers and local and international staff. This unique organizational structure amplifies blueEnergy’s impact and provides the volunteers themselves with a transformative experience to help them reach their global leadership potential.

The blueEnergy Group is made up of blueEnergy International, blueEnergy US, blueEnergy France, and blueEnergy Nicaragua. More information is available on our website at and in our online newsletter, the blueNews.


Mission :

Description of position:

blueEnergy is looking for talented, committed individuals to join our diverse, dynamic organization, and can offer many opportunities for meaningful personal and professional growth.

Currently blueEnergy is seeking a mature, culturally sensitive, pro-active individual with strong motivation to work in the energy program team in Bluefields, Nicaragua. As blueEnergy’s Nicaragua Renewable Energy Technical coordinator Volunteer, you will work within the renewable energy team in cooperation with the Renewable Energy Program Coordinator. This team is currently made of a manager and 5 technicians (locals & foreigners), each one works on specific projects. The projects are primarily solar energy (rural & microgrids), biodigesters, and improved cookstoves.

In the 2017/2018 time period the Technical coordinator Volunteer will be in charge of supervising each project, including the technical design and implementation of a rural micro-grid, design and install solar systems for farms, homes and businesses, participate in the eco-stove deployment, be involved in biodigester monitoring and maintenance, document energy related research and activities, help train local technicians, support the execution of energy related project activities, as well as collaborate in the development of new project profiles and their corresponding budgets. Candidates must have exceptional teamwork skills and emotional intelligence, and be able to thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment.

Responsibilities :

  • Coordinate & act as advisor to all technical aspects and project development of the energy team staff and international collaborators.
  • Review all technical design & work produced by the energy team technicians and provide assistance to the planning and decision making on technical aspects.
  • Work closely with the local manager and upper management for decision making, funds monitoring, and project concepts.
  • Assist co-workers logistical aspects of a new installation (purchases, planning, procurement of materials and budgeting)
  • Create community training materials and execute trainings on the different renewable energy technologies.
  • Within each assigned project, execute system conception, purchasing, logistics, preparation, construction and installation (including repair and maintenance of some of these systems) following the guidelines, processes, formats and policies established by blueEnergy.
  • Contribute to the research and development of new appropriate technologies for the energy program of blueEnergy (researching best adapted technologies for our beneficiaries and their socio-economic context, conducting diversified studies, building and studying prototypes).
  • Work with the Renewable Energy Program Technicians to improve the technologies already in use as well as their implementation.
  • Document the work of the renewable energy team in blueEnergy with reports and other media using blueEnergy templates.
  •  Strengthen the capacity of the renewable energy team through the creation of internal materials, manuals and databases.
  • Participate in the creation of project profiles and budgets to be submitted to potential funders.
  • Manage relationships between the blueEnergy offices in France, USA and the Energy team in Nicaragua.
  • Work  with  local  staff  and  partners  to  train  them  in  renewable  energy  and  energy efficiency
  • Communicate with energy partners (universities and other organizations) to share experiences and learn about alternative technologies and techniques.
  • Participate to webinars in order to learn about renewable energy updates and create new relationships with international actors

Profil du candidat

Formation :

  • Engineering diploma preferred, especially in renewable energy and/or electricity (or corresponding professional experience), but others will also be considered

Expérience :

  • Project Management & Team Management Experience; particularly working in diverse teams and able to manage multiple team deadlines.
  • Working knowledge about solar power, bio digestions for methane creation, eco-stove and eco-hoven, lead acid battery maintenance, electric wiring standards and power distribution.
  • Experience working in multicultural teams where teamwork is necessary
  • Demonstrated ability to build and manage effective work relationships in a multi-cultural environment

Langues :

  • Intermediate Spanish Minimum language (written and spoken) required; fluent Spanish preferred
  • Capacity to adapt communication with the interlocutor (willingness to speak Kriol English to Kriol English speaking beneficiaries, adapting technical language to improve understanding of the interlocutor)

Qualités requises :

  • Outgoing & Earnest Disposition
  • Good teaching skills and high level of social sensitivity
  • Comfortable with using hand tools
  • Self-starter, adaptable, resilient and a sense of humor
  • Respect for local customs with an open mind and humility
  • Pro-active and able to work independently to complete project tasks
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow through on task assignments

Autres :

Field Working Conditions:

The majority of work is in an office setting in the town of Bluefields, where blueEnergy has an office and international volunteer team communal house where living conditions are simple (Yes we do have wireless internet!). On trips to the field “communities”, working and living is extremely basic and requires that the volunteer have the ability to adapt to the conditions.

Volunteers receive a modest living stipend and blueEnergy offers full room and board and wireless internet on the blueEnergy campus/facilities. If a volunteer chooses to life outside blueEnergy facilities they are responsible for the costs associated.

Important considerations :

If you are currently in a serious relationship it is very important to understand the impacts that volunteering for a year abroad will have on your relationship.  Because of the communal/shared living situation we do not allow “couples” to live together at blueEnergy UNLESS both are volunteers with blueEnergy.  Therefore, if you want to live at the blueEnergy facilities with your partner they must also apply for a volunteer position in blueEnergy.

Alternatively, if you want to volunteer and live with your non-volunteer partner you will be responsible to independently find and finance your own living situation in Bluefields.

Working with blueEnergy in Nicaragua provides the volunteer with a rich experience in multi-cultural team work, indigenous cultures, development models and appropriate technology. At blue Energy’s core is a strong entrepreneurial culture which promotes initiative and leadership. blueEnergy volunteers are given great responsibility and, as a result, they experience tremendous growth, both personally and professionally while serving on the ground.

This volunteer position provides a unique opportunity to learn about the social-development sector, acquire hands on experience in project profile development, relationship management with funders, non-profit financing and fundraising and operating in divers’ international teams.  It is also an opportunity to strengthen Spanish and English professional proficiency while deepening cultural awareness and empathy.


Conditions :

Pour postuler :

Pour postuler, merci d’adresser votre CV et lettre de motivation en anglais ou en espagnol à Pauline Stephan :

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