Executive Director

Descriptif :

Under the authority of the President of the Board of Directors of the association, the
ED is responsible for implementing the strategy proposed by the team and validated by
the Board of Directors of the Association. He / she must ensure that the systems /
procedures are in place and properly applied, to ensure effective management of PPSA
staff, especially in terms of social impact. The Executive Director needs to ensure that all
members of staff share vision and missions. He/she ensures that teamwork is
encouraged and every employee feels valued. He / she is responsible for establishing
and maintaining good working relationships with representatives of host government, the
donors and other partners. He / she is responsible for fundraising to sustain the actions
of the association.

Mission :

The Executive Director is responsible for the establishment of a system of reliable and
relevant delegation (with mechanisms appropriate control), allowing it to be responsible
for the following :

1) Implement the strategy approved by the Board of Directors and
organize a reporting all quarters of this implementation

• The strategy of the association is broken down into annual action plan
• Check that this variation is clear and shared by the Board and employed
• Implement financial and operational indicators for monitoring the action
• Ensure stimulate the renewal of artistic creation and to promote
increasing quality of works in terms of the diversity of public (Cambodian,
French, Western, Japanese and Chinese)

2) Manage a team of more than one hundred HR strength of the
association and recruit executives of the association expatriate or
national Team Management

• Share with managers and all the teams vision and key objectives
• Ensure to create an enthusiastic management team, supportive and
competent to deliver the social impacts desired in the communities and
beneficiaries Phare works with.
• To be the guarantor of the values and behavior consistent with the
history of the association
• Ensure openness meetings managements at all levels and ensure conduct
annual evaluations
• Follow the recruitment and mentoring of new staff and participate directly
in recruitment members of his team;
• Ensure that a major objective of all team leaders is the development of
skills of their employees;
• Proactively Addressing the issue of employee performance through
exchanges regular, constructive and honest;
• Ensure that the management tools (fact sheet positions, skills
assessment…) are used by managers;
• Ensure that the managers are transparent and foster teamwork
• Ensure that the organization’s mission is appropriate and the flowchart of
revisions take place in the needs of planned projects;
• Ensure that the levels of authority and responsibility are clearly defined;
• Actively promote the well-being of staff monitoring the social climate of
the missions and morale staff and implement corrective actions as
• To support the nationalization of professional posts where possible;
• Ensure that national and international staff working together effectively
and achieve the objectives of the program;

3) Implement the budget validated by the Board of Directors

• Develop a comprehensive array of management action plans
• Follow the requirements of donors and the progress of funded projects
• Ensure compliance with financing levels

4) Supervise the proposals submitted to donors and narrative and

• Check with the managers concerned the narrative and financial reporting
requirements of donors
• Cultivating relationships with partner lenders to anticipate their needs
• Pay special attention to the financial requirements of donors

5) To prevent against fraud and abuse of power

6) Represent the organization with local authorities, donors and partners

• Establish and maintain good relations with government departments or
relevant counterparts donor multi and bilateral funds represented locally,
UN agencies, foundations, international and national NGOs and civil
• Maintain cordial relations with the media and act as a spokesperson for
Phare Family.

7) Create strong links with the French association that supports the financing of
the Cambodian Association and with the social business, a subsidiary of the

• Ensure effective communication with the PPS France in France to
facilitate the private funding raised from the network in France
• Organize the consistency of management and artistic actions between
the two organizations.
• Represent Phare Ponleu Selpak in the Board of Directors of Phare
Performing Social Enterprise Co.,ltd, the revenue generation arm of
Phare Ponleu Selpak.
• Culttivate and maintain strong and supportive relationship within the
Phare Family in Cambodia and around the world for effective
collaborations and fundraising.
• Be in communication with the Founders Advisory Committee for their
advises and inputs to development of the organization.

8) To obtain public and private funding to sustain the action of the association.

Profil du candidat

Formation :

high-level training, +5 or equivalent higher education

Expérience :

Experience Management of NGOs/Association and / or business
internationally at least 5 to 10 years.
Interest in development aid
Strong team management experience and good knowledge of financial management and entrepreneurial
experience would be an asset
A strong background, knowledge or training on artistic subjects would be a plus

Langues :

Fluent in English and in French
Excellent command of English and French, and Khmer is a plus

Qualités requises :

Strong leadership, human relations and problem solving skills
Result-oriented, positive attitude and able to work under pressure.

Autres :

The position is based in Battambang province, Cambodia. It is necessary to
reside locally and not in Phnom Penh Travel is expected to Phnom Penh and
Siem Reap and internationally for relations with donors, local authorities and
social enterprise.

Conditions :

Pour postuler :

The gross remuneration of 2,600 US Dollars per month inclusive of Cambodian income
tax with no additional allowances.

Envoyer CV et Lettre de motivation en anglais à Jean Louis LEYNAUD KIEFFER :


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